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Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment
Introduction to Food Packaging Plastics and their role in food packaging Food grade quality of plastics and regulations Plastics based package form & speciality packaging for food products Packaging aspects of wheat,rice,milled products & sugar Packaging aspects of Fruits and Vegitables Packaging aspects of Beverages Carbonated and non-carbonated Packaging aspects of Drinking Water Packaging aspects of Oils, fats & Vansapati Packaging aspects of Meat, Fish and Poultry Packaging aspects of Milk & Milk based products Packaging aspects of Spices & Spice products Packaging material & packed commodities Laws and Regulation Recycling of Plastics in Food Packaging Executive Summary introduction Scope & Objectives of the Study Storage Studies on Packaged Wheat Storage Studies on Packaged Paddy & Rice Storage Studies on Packaged Sugar Infestation aspects of packaged grains DNA finger printing of packaged grains. Migration studies of packaged grains Vibration studies of packaged grains Conclusion Annexure
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