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We offer you a work environment that quenches your thirst for knowledge while helping you nurture your career ambitions. You get to traverse a path that is strewn with values, performance, learning, innovation, quality, camaraderie, career growth - all those facets of work life that you cherish the most.

ICPE Resources Development Philosophy

Fundamental to the work of the ICPE and its ultimate competitive position, is a respect for the development of the employee through self help and guidance to foster common purpose and cohesion.

We believe that

Our aims of employee development are not just about acquiring skills to solve specific problems but also expanding minds to address problems and opportunities which have not become apparent with full understanding of cross functional linkages.

Continuing personal development is the constant obligation of all employees and constant responsibility of all Executives, Managers and Supervisors.

The development and use of human potential and a learning organisation is our bridge to continued success in the future.

If you like complex situations that require knowledge in plastics,

we invite you to write us on below addresses with a résumé of your qualifications and experience, we look forward to hearing from you.,,

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