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Polythene manufacturers offer cooperation against pollution

JAMMU : Jammu and Kashmir Polythene Manufacturers and Traders Association will launch a concerted campaign to create awareness among the general public about proper disposal of used polythene bags and other plastic products waste.

By holding seminars, media conference and symposia at various levels, the association will bring home to the consumers of polythene carrying bags to not throw the used bags in the lanes and drains, rather deposit the same in separate garbage dumps, so that the same can be scientifically disposed off or recycled.

As per a press release, a meeting of the functionaries of the association held here today, under the chairmanship of its president, Rakesh Gupta also instructed its member units, manufacturers and dealers of polythene bags to strictly adhere to the norms and rules as notified under SRO No. 698(E) of 17th June 2003, with regard to the size and weight of plastic carroy bags to the manufactured and traded by them.

The association hailed the stand taken by the Chairman State Pollution Control Board. S.D Swatantar that plastics had become an essential part of the modern day life and cannot be dispended with.