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Why Reusables?

What is plastic reusable packaging?

Plastic reusable packaging improves the flow of product all along the supply chain, to reduce costs. These products are used to move, store and distribute product within a single operation or entire supply chain. From raw material to finished goods, plastic reusable packaging safely and efficiently moves material/product to its destination. These packaging products are ideal for multiple trip applications in a closed-loop environment or well-managed supply chain. These products can also be used effectively in a managed open-loop system, with reverse logistics in place to return empty containers or pallets for re-use or replenishment. Products include:

Hand-held containers, bins, boxes or totes
Pallets, top frames, top caps and divider sheets
Bulk containers, bins, boxes or totes
Protective interior dunnage (custom)
Storage containers and metal systems
Custom designed and engineered packaging
Your reusable packaging provider will analyze your operation/system, conduct a financial justification, design a solution and implement a packaging program that will reduce overall costs and optimize your operation. As plastic reusable packaging products seek to replace one-time use corrugated shipping and storage boxes and limited-use wood pallets, users experience a rapid return on their investment, many times in 12-18 months or less.

Why plastic reusable packaging?
The development and implementation of reusable packaging programs can result in sustained optimization and overall cost reduction, through:

Improved productive flow of goods
Reduced packaging waste (from the disposal of corrugated boxes or wood pallets)
Reduced packaging costs
Maximized product protection
Reduced transportation costs due to packaging modularity and standardization
Reduced labor costs due to standardized work flow
Optimizes inventory management through standardized sizes
Improved warehouse space utilization
Improved worker safety and better ergonomics
Improved velocity through reduced cycle times

Who uses plastic reusable packaging?
Reusable packaging is used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, beverage, food, electronics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and apparel.

What are the KEY INDICATORS that implementing reusable packaging is right for your business?

A well-managed supply chain (interdependent relationships)
Relatively short logistical cycle (time and distance)
Tightly controlled closed-loop or a well managed open-loop shipping system
Multiple component parts
Complicated assembly operations
Expensive expendable packaging
High product damage rates
High part-usage rates
High inventory velocity
Under-utilized trailer space in transportation
High waste disposal costs
Concern about clean environment or part cleanliness/hygiene
Need to optimize line space
Worker safety or ergonomic issues
Desire for visual plant
Product shipped to/from regional distribution centers
Need for unitization
Direct-to-store delivery shipments

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