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W Bengal Pollution Control Board for 'no-plastics' poll
14.48 IST 09th Apr 2004

By IndiaExpress Bureau

Concerned over the use of plastics in campaign material during the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board has issued an order to all political parties to utilise only biodegradable substances that do not pile up afterwards posing an environmental hazard.

In an appeal to all major political parties of the state, the Board said huge quantities of campaign material used during the polls could end up as an environmental hazard if non-degradable substances like plastics were used for their manufacture.

"After each election we find that a lot of plastic material like banners, flags, festoon, balloons and signboards used for campaigns pile up in various parts of the state. Not only are they non-biodegradable posing a big problem to the environment but also make for unhygienic and unclean surroundings," WBPCB legal officer Biswajit Mukjhere said in Kolkata.